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About us

About Our Story

Rékoja is a Nigerian luxury brand that curates clean, natural and elegant candles. Each piece reflects the brand both in style and condition. We are an eco-friendly brand with recyclable pieces that can be added to the decor and ambiance of a home beyond the smell of the candles themselves.

Meet The Chandler

Hi! I’m Imoteda, makeup artist (once upon a time), chef and now chandler. I started making candles during lockdown to help calm myself in the midst of all the anxiety and uncertainty. I started with melting down leftover bits of old candles and then buying my own wax and oils and mixing up unique scents. Turns out I am quite good at it!

So I set out to make a unique candle line that solved my two biggest issues with commercially available candles. Tunneling and low scent throws.

I’ve created a line inspired by the strong women in my family that burns clean to the end and provides a great scent throw to the last drop!

I hope my candles bring you as much joy as they’ve brought me.

The Inspiration

Each Rékọjá scent is carefully curated by Imoteda and is inspired by her favourite people. She creates bold scents that evoke the spirit of each person. Lisawa for example gives you a rich, powerful and adventurous scent while Aduke is warm, comforting and just a little spicy.

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